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Heat Resistant Plastic Parts

Heat Resistant Plastic Parts

The Thermoset family of plastic materials harden and cure in the molding process as the molecules actually crosslink in a chemical reaction and set into a final shape. No addition of heat will soften or melt the material. As a result, thermosets have their advantage in any high heat environment where softening or melting cannot be tolerated. Domestically products such as ashtrays, cooking utensils, and cookware handles are produced from thermosets. Industrially thermosets are used in electrical, electronic and military applications. Some examples of thermoset materials are phenolics, epoxies, melamines and diallyl phthalate.

Thermosets can be molded using the compression, transfer or injection molding processes. Southwest Plastics has extensive capabilities in molding thermoset materials using all three of these processes.

Thermoset Injection

In order to shorten cycles and lower costs, some thermoset materials have been developed which can be injection molded. The standard injection molding machine must be modified by way of the use of a specialized screw and barrel in order to injection mold thermoset materials. Southwest Plastics has been injection molding thermoset materials for many years and have the expertise to make your next project a success.

Thermoset Materials

Generic Name
Diallyl Phthalate
Vyncolit, Cosmic
Vyncolit, Plenco
Vyncolit, Cosmic
IDI, BMC, Cytec
IDI, Fiberite

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