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A Commitment to Protect Your IP - Bringing Home Manufacturing to the U.S.

September 28th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how disruptive breaks in the global supply chain can be. When China shut down in early 2020, U.S. companies were unable to obtain parts from suppliers who relied on access to production at Chinese factories. As disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, the resulting COVID-19 supply chain disruptions have resulted in an increased demand for domestically-sourced materials and services; 64% of companies recently surveyed, across the manufacturing and industrial sectors, say they are likely to bring manufacturing production and sourcing back to North America. As global trade tensions continue, many North American companies are working to re-shore and find more localized supplier partners to create resilient supply chains.  


In the past, many buyers favored products and services from suppliers located in developing countries due to the cheaper labor costs. Now, however, many companies are taking time to review their current supply chains and seek out new suppliers in North America that will help them better manage their resources and grow their supply chain’s resilience. Companies are increasingly recognizing that costs, risks and strategic impacts previously ignored are large enough to overcome the shrinking emerging market wage advantages. This creates new opportunities for North American manufacturers.

Why Re-Shore?

There are many disruptions that are driving supply chain and procurement managers to seek out more localized supplier partners. In addition to the volatility in China’s market caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and global trade in general, there are a variety of other reasons companies should consider re-shoring.
Re-shoring reduces lead time, and often provides a higher product quality and consistency due to easier oversight. It is easier to adjust to changing consumer demands when products are made locally, which in turn allows for improved innovation and product differentiation. “Furthermore, partnering with a US, family-run company like Southwest Plastics ensures the protection of your intellectual property and minimizes regulatory compliance risks” says Rob Jorgensen, Owner and Managing Director of Southwest Plastics.

Supply-Chain Partners

With the incoming growth opportunities from companies bringing their operations and supply chains back to North America, marketing and sales leaders in this space need to embrace digital transformation. The coronavirus pandemic has made face-to-face meetings much more difficult and shut down most trade shows and large gatherings.

Finding the right partners for every aspect of your supply chain is critical to the long-term success of your company. Southwest Plastics uses the latest technologies and techniques, while simultaneously maintaining our family-business values and work ethic. We do not compromise when it comes to intellectual property and we value and protect your proprietary information.

Including Southwest Plastics in Your Supply-Chain

For over 45 years, Southwest Plastics has been serving customers across a wide range of products - from aerospace to fitness and automotive to fast food dispensing - requiring all volumes of production. Our customers rely on our experience and attention to detail with thermoplastic and thermoset plastic compounds for thermoplastic injection molding, thermoset injection molding, thermoset compression molding and rubber molding.

Reshoring will prove to be one of the biggest drivers of growth for North American manufacturing over the next 2-3 years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst ongoing global trade uncertainty. Industrial leaders that recognize this opportunity and proactively take steps to bring their marketing and selling strategies into this growing space will be the winners. Critical in this process is finding the right partners for your supply chain. Southwest Plastics; reputation for precision molding, quality, service and value are well-known throughout the industries we serve. To find out more about working with Southwest Plastics, contact us here.

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