Injection Molding

Aerospace | Industrial

The Thermoplastic family of materials is what most people relate to when they think about Plastic Injection Molding because of the many domestic products produced

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/Transfer Molding

Military | Oil & Gas

For many varieties  of thermoset plastics and composites, including phenolic, epoxy, and diallyl  phthalate

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Machine Shop

Prototypes | Precision Parts

Our full-service machine shop can manufacture, modify, and prototype production parts for a variety of industries.

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Quality Assurance

Our dedication to client satisfaction helped us earn multiple certifications, including ISO 9001, as well as become a trusted supplier to manufacturers across many industries.

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Industries we serve

We provide custom plastic parts for communication, medical devices, aerospace, electronic connection components, military equipment, bushings and bearings, valves and pumps.

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Clients we've worked with

Our Work

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Three generations of excellence

Since 1974 we have been providing outstanding quality, value, and service. 

ISO 9001-qualified
Plastic injection molding | Plastic injection compression molding | Plastic transfer molding

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We're in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

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