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Plastic Injection Molding: DOD Certified

April 25th, 2022

It’s no wonder that many manufacturers aspire to supply components to the Department of Defense or their contractors. The DoD spends billions of dollars annually on contracted goods, and while a large portion of that budget goes to a handful of well-known corporations, many additional prime contractors and subcontractors are required to meet all the department’s needs. [i] The desire to join the ranks of companies approved to work for the government, however, is far from being the only requirement a manufacturer needs to meet to be approved to supply DoD contracts. Suppliers must be prepared to not only meet rigorous quality standards to guarantee the reliability of their components but also guard sensitive information that they’re entrusted with in the course of completing a contract.

The high bar manufacturers must clear to be authorized on defense contracts makes Southwest Plastics proud to be an approved vendor for the Department of Defense. When we work on projects for the DoD requiring plastic injection molding, whether as a direct contractor or subcontractor, our clients can be assured our work adheres to the following values:

1. Treatment with the highest confidentiality: We understand the security requirements for keeping covered defense information safe while we have access to and possession of it. Our commitment to preserving the confidentiality of our work on our clients’ behalf ensures that our treatment of sensitive information will adhere to all applicable regulations.

2. Molding and intellectual property protected and safe: Guaranteeing the safety of intellectual property and molding used in the production of injection-molded parts for our clients is one of our highest trusts. Whether we are working on a defense or civilian contract, Southwest can be relied on to protect both the ideas and the means to create your custom parts.

3. Manufacturing at the highest levels in the USA: Parts created to meet military specifications must meet the exacting tolerances and quality standards clearly laid out in government regulations. Southwest has the experience, expertise, and specialized equipment necessary to produce injection-molded plastic parts that are second to none in the U.S., meeting or exceeding the required standards without time-wasting missteps.

4. Proven working relationship with the DoD: When it comes to keeping government contracts on time and on budget, experience matters. Southwest has a track record of successful work with the DoD, and we understand the processes and requirements that must be met to keep things running smoothly.  

Dependable Expertise

Why can we be so confident of the values we bring to our defense contract work? It’s because they’re the values we apply to any project we’re entrusted with, whether for a government agency, prime contractor for the DoD, or a civilian company with a commercial project. As an industry leader for over 55 years, Southwest Plastics pairs our extensive experience with continual innovation to expand our capabilities and better serve our clients. An example of one recent addition is the planned improvement of our finishing department into a clean room facility that allows us to meet the standards necessary to produce medical devices and sensitive parts for the aerospace industry. Our past work has included customers in the automotive, electronic, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors as well as the aerospace and defense industries.

Based in Southern California, Southwest Plastics provides our clients superior quality, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times. We put our know-how to work for you, providing practical and technical solutions to keep your projects on track. As a company located in the U.S., we’re able to provide dependable quality manufacturing without the delays and IP risks associated with overseas manufacturing. As important as our technical capabilities is our dedication to providing flexible, responsive service to our customers. We know our customers rely on us to deliver the quality custom-made injection-molded parts they need, and we strive to be the dependable partner they can count on every time.

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