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Southwest Plastics Case Study

December 16th, 2021

About Southwest Plastics Co.

Southwest Plastics Co. manufactures critical components for customers with extremely specialized requirements. The following stories are just two recent examples of how our team at Southwest Plastics was able to help a very different set of customers with their unique project requirements.  We have recently produced an aftermarket Harley-Davidson motorcycle part and a unique replica part for an antique military rifle.  We worked with both clients and were able to achieve high customer satisfaction by providing each of them with high quality, visually aesthetic parts produced and delivered in a timely manner.

Case 1) Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Part

A local machine shop in Glendora, CA manufactures aftermarket parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  The customer had an existing mold but needed Southwest Plastics to solve two problems for them:  1) They needed a supplier that has large enough equipment to manufacture the components and 2) They needed that supplier to have enough knowledge of materials to help them select the final grade of plastic that would be used in the production of this component.  We fit the bill.  Southwest tested their mold using a polycarbonate resin, which is a relatively inexpensive material that is good for a variety of different applications, however not in an application used around oil, grease, and other chemicals where it becomes discolored and brittle.  Ultimately, we suggested the part be made from an engineered nylon material that would be resistant to those chemicals around the motor.  The next step is finding a nylon resin that meets the customers clear aesthetic goal for their part. The sample piece shown here is the current prototype that was produced. We have the mold on site at Southwest Plastics and will continue to maintain it as we move forward in helping our customers achieve success with their new product.

Case 2) Antique Rifle Part

This was a unique project with an interesting backstory that was brought to us by an arms dealer who had acquired a rare and unique rifle from the Vietnam War era. He wanted to reproduce it as a collectible rifle for sale in the US. There had only been around 250 original M-16 variant rifles produced for US Army paratroopers. To his knowledge, the rifle he wanted to replicate was one of the only surviving original models. Our task at Southwest Plastics was to recreate an authentic-looking, feeling, and functioning synthetic buttstock for this rifle.  To achieve this, we first created 3D CAD drawings from the 2D prints the customer provided and helped select a modern thermoset epoxy resin that had the same aesthetic appearance as the original material used in the 1950s, which has been obsolete for decades.  The look, feel, and strength that came from the material selection warranted us to build a two-cavity transfer mold which has flawlessly produced thousands of parts for our customer.

At Southwest Plastics, we look forward to working with our clients on challenging, unique projects. We are completely committed to high quality, service, and value in the molded plastic and machined parts we produce. To find out more about our design support, capabilities, and projects, contact us here. 

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