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Injection Molding with Ryton

July 21st, 2021

At Southwest Plastics, we have decades of experience providing precisely engineered custom plastic molded components manufactured to exacting tolerances using specialized materials chosen to meet the demands of the part’s intended application. Among the materials we use is Ryton, a thermoplastic resin often used for high-temperature applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. Our engineers are adept at knowing when and how to spec Ryton in for custom injection molded parts; here’s why it’s a preferred solution for many applications.

Ryton PPS

Ryton polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a semi-crystalline, high-heat polymer with physical properties that make it suitable for precision-molded components that must withstand high heat, mechanical stress, and chemical corrosion. Its unique combination of properties gives it a wide range of applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and chemical industries.

First, Ryton has impressive resistance to high temperatures, being able to withstand temperatures above 200 degrees C (392 degrees F) long term and temperatures up to 260 degrees C (500 degrees F) short term. It also has excellent resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals, with no known organic solvent under 200 degrees C. It thrives in highly corrosive environments and is nearly impervious to automotive fuels (typical and alternative), lubricating oils, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and other hydraulic fluids.

The molecular structure of Ryton PPS also makes the material inherently flame retardant, as it tends to char during combustion rather than burn. It is classified at UL 94 V-0 without having to use flame retardant additives, and its limiting oxygen index of 50% makes it one of the most flame-resistant plastics.

Ryton has excellent dimensional stability, making it possible to mold complex parts to extremely tight tolerances with high reproducibility. Those parts will maintain their dimensional stability even at high temperatures and in harsh chemical environments. The material features superior hydrolytic stability, high stress cracking resistance, high modulus, and high creep resistance.

The material’s combination of dimensional stability, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance make it an effective lightweight substitute for metals. The benefits of such substitution can include improved corrosion resistance compared to metal, reduced manufacturing costs, and improved fuel efficiency due to reduced part weight. This is why Ryton is a preferred option for automotive and aerospace applications, where high performance and energy efficiency are critical goals.

The Ryton product line includes a wide variety of individualized types of the polymer, which while sharing the material’s overall qualities, have been designed for enhanced performance characteristics in certain aspects for specific applications. Our engineering team can determine the ideal type of Ryton to use for your project specifications and intended application.

The Southwest Plastics Advantage

Southwest Plastics has been an industry leader for over 55 years. Throughout the years, we have continually invested in our knowledge and capabilities to serve customers in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, electronics, telecom, and defense industries with the latest technologies and techniques. As a proven U.S.-based engineering and manufacturing firm, we provide superior quality, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times for our clients.

Whether you’re designing a prototype or placing an order for a large production run, Southwest Plastics will handle your project with white-glove service. We put our expertise to work for you to ensure that your finished product is manufactured to the highest quality standards with the best possible material for the job. Most importantly, we treat your intellectual property with the utmost discretion, ensuring you retain control over your design and intellectual property rights.

In the face of global trade uncertainty, many businesses are looking to re-shore production from overseas to protect themselves and take advantage of reduced production times, greater flexibility, lowered shipping costs, and improved intellectual property protections. Or maybe your business is just looking for a highly skilled manufacturer to produce specialized parts to exacting standards. In either case, Southwest Plastics is your solution.

For more information about Ryton or to find out more about how Southwest Plastics can provide the value, reliability, and service you need, contact us here.

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