We handle fast turnaround times. Southwest Plastics and Machine company have added more production capacity for faster turnaround times. Give us your molds and materials and see what we can do! 

We know the right material for the right project.With three generations of hands-on ownership, at Southwest Plastics and Machine company, we know our materials. Clients come in specifying a particular material for a special part to learn the cost is too high for the project. In many cases, our team can suggest alternative materials that cost less but meet or exceed the original specifications at a savings. Call us to learn more.   

We put your unique needs first.Every customer is unique at Southwest Plastics and Machine Company. We are large enough to get a big project done right but small enough to give every customer white-glove service. If you ever need more help, please call our owners, Tom or Rob Jorgensen directly.

We protect your company’s intellectual property (IP)Many U.S. companies are bringing the production of their plastic and CNC metal parts onshore. Besides, faster turnaround, just in time inventory and lower shipping cost, they want to protect their intellectual property from foreign competition. At Southwest Plastics and Machining, we take the protection of your unique IP very seriously.

Our History

We have been serving customers from aerospace to automotive for over 45 years. Our people, technology and integrity set us apart from the competition.

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Our Expertise

We continually invest in our people and business practices to ensure we are technically proficient and operate at the forefront of our industry.

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