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Support Services

Support Services

From inception to production, Southwest Plastics fully supports its customers to ensure a successful outcome for every plastics project.

Southwest Plastics employs the latest version of Solid Works, a computer-aided design program to help our customers arrive at the optimal part design for their part. It is much more than technology that sets Southwest Plastics apart from the other of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic components manufacturer. Our experience, practicality, and know-how are born from over 45 years of growing with the plastics industry that brings the greatest value to our customer's projects.

In-house mold making capabilities give Southwest Plastics an advantage when it comes to the rapid production of cost-efficient prototype and short-run tooling as well as repair, maintenance, and modification of molds. Southwest Plastics also has ongoing relationships with qualified outside sources for specialized mold making services and a working "partnership" with an Asian tooling source for economical production of certain types of molds. Southwest Plastics has the experience to direct the production of tooling for our customer's project down the right path for the best result possible.

Secondary Operations
Having a complete production machine shop, Southwest Plastics is able to do just about any secondary operation required to finish apart from turning, milling, drilling, tapping and grinding. We also do sonic welding, assembly, part identification, and packaging.

Southwest Plastics has the ability to provide not only individual plastic components but the assembly of components as well. From assembly of components using sonic welding or other means of bonding to more involved assembly of electronic or mechanical elements, Southwest Plastics has the ability and experience to provide added value in many ways.

Southwest Plastics has the ability to test a wide variety of materials to ensure optimal performance. Utilizing our IZOD impact testing equipment for co-molded test coupons, or customer engineered specialized fixtures for testing specific features, we can test product for conformance and ability to perform as designed.

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